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You know those long nights you spend with your closest girlfriends,

you gab, order a pizza, laugh, cry, 

help each other throughout the best & hardest of times.


That's what soul sessions are all about,

I will hold space for you to work through anything your soul needs.

+Are you going through a breakup?

+Do you need a life overhaul?

+Do you just need someone to talk to?

+Want someone to cheer you on & hold you accountable?

+Are you dealing with anxiety & overwhelming emotions?

+Do you want to take the first step in building your dream life?

You will get a personalized plan to live your best life and walk away with newfound empowerment to move through any challenges that come your way.

We utilize some incredibly transformational 

tools that are simple yet offer massive impact 


- Discuss your life, dreams, relationships & figure out which areas you would like to focus on.

- Bring awareness to trauma patterns, limiting beliefs and energy drains

- Move forward with radical acceptance & tools to step into the next level you

- Tools for implementing radical change in your life & resurfacing your innate powers through self-love

- Working with gratitude & present moment awareness as a daily practice

- You will learn how to turn the stories you tell yourself into incredible works of art, No more playing the victim baby

- Making a morning routine (that sticks and actually works for you)

- How to plan & schedule correctly ( the art of follow-through)

- Intimate 75-90 minute long sessions.

- You will be granted 2 days of private voxer support after our session to help integrate anything that comes up

after our time together


 Learning how to make yourself the #1 priority in life is the wildest journey you will ever embark on.

You will have so much energy & love spilling over into every area of your life

you won't know what to do with it.

Relationships, Health, Careers all improve when we follow our bliss and accept our entire being.

You deserve to shine babe.

You deserve this.

You deserve You.

Talk soon, babe.



I am not the coach that will promise you an outcome… why?

Because that’s entirely up to you.


I KNOW that my work is transformational but the most magical program, course or coach won’t change your life unless you are ready to do so yourself.


I am here to be a mirror, a guide, to take you through the inner workings of your soul and come forth as the strong, authentic being that you always have been INSIDE.


The layers of dust just need a little cleaning off your soul, you have all the power & knowledge within, we all just need a little reminder sometimes.

My work is not about the external, sure do we have a beautiful dance of rituals and practices? Absolutely but not until we get completely real with ourselves, our limiting beliefs, past trauma, acceptance of self and experiences, releasing of shame & guilt THEN we move on to the fun stuff.


Well, it’s all fun to me because its transformation, life is a constant ebb and flow, through this program you will learn the tools to handle anything that comes your way with grace and forgiveness.

Through your radical authenticity and acceptance, you will create a wildly abundant life and I don’t mean financially, of course, the money will flow easier and your purpose will be crystal clear but abundance in all things, family, relationships, friendships, home, career.

This is all a by-product of you shining your light.


It all starts with you,

So are you ready babe?


I've been there, in the depths of it all; not knowing where to turn. I have successfully battled and won an eating disorder, drug abuse, self-deprecation, lack of purpose, abusive relationships, anxiety disorder and depression.

No matter what you are going through I want you to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and happiness is right there waiting for you.

Even if you are happy but feel like something is just missing, I get that too babe.

I am a certified Life Coach, Reiki master, self-love educator, intuitive & tarot reader; I utilize all of these tools in my daily life to lift me & my clients higher, as well as some other secrets I learnt through biz school & being a self-development junkie.

 These tools will blow your mind at how simple yet radical they are.  I'm all about simplicity, none of this "changing your life" business should be confusing. Don't get me wrong, it isn't easy but if you are willing to do the work it is the most rewarding journey you will ever embark on. Don't listen to anyone who sells you something with certainty it will change your life. You don't need fixing or healing. This process is all about unlearning, stripping away the bullshit to reveal the truest form of you.

I am here to be your guide, a friend and someone you can truly rely on.

Nothing will change unless you are TRULY willing to allow change. 

Do you remember that scene in Wizard of Oz when Dorothy steps out of the house into a world of technicolour.?

That's it. That's how your life can feel when you are ready to follow your bliss.

In a very short time, your life will be magically unrecognizable.

Remember there is nothing wrong with you, there never has been, in life sometimes we feel like we have "lost" our power. I want you to know it's been there the whole time, it never leaves you. That's what I'm here for, to help you bring it to the surface again, no more playing small and sleepwalking through life.

Are you ready?

Yes, it may be hard at times but know that every minute of this is SO worth it. It's either work through the contrast in your life or stay stagnant, and baby I know you are made of greatness.

I know you can do it, babe.


How does it work? Purchase your session then you'll be directed to our booking page, pick a day & time that works for you,

Sessions are on zoom. Please allow up to two-three hours for our session ( we go, deep babe! ) 

Will I need any supplies?  Just your beautiful self, a notebook and a willingness to step into the next level version of you!

What is your Cancelation Policy?  Please give us a full 48 hours notice when changing your appointment, No refunds after purchase but rescheduling is no cost! 

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