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DIVINELY aligned

💫 Are you able to set goals easily but the follow-through isn’t there?

💫 Are you unclear what you truly want and are just running in circles hoping one-day things will click?

💫 You have a generalized idea of what you want in life but have never gotten crystal clear on your vision?


I hear you. 


Babe our dream life needs a road map, if we don’t get clear on what we want and set out a detailed path on how to get there, then how do we expect to move forward with clear action?


My holistic goal setting method is all about setting goals from your heart, we dive deep into your why behind every single thing you want and how you can achieve it.

We work through the blocks & beliefs that are holding you back from achieving this goal.

Goal setting is a part of our sacred ritual, it brings us to a place beyond self, it connects us to our why.


If I can be radically honest most of us create a to-do list out of fear, out of all the “should dos” we think we must achieve in order to get to our dream life, when in reality it’s all about the flow.

80 percent of the things on our list don’t light us up, which is why we don’t actually follow through.


When we set goals from our heart and move forward with divine action, PLENTY of forgiveness ( because every day has its own challenges babe ) and pure joy then we naturally want to achieve our dreams.


I focus on a simple outline so that you…. 

+ Don’t feel overwhelmed 

+ Have your next year planned out, taking all the guesswork out of what you have to do next, no more sitting there second-guessing every step.

+ take aligned action while also allowing room to co-create with the universe

+ Notice energy drains, where you are giving your power away and distractions

+ Dive deep into the self-sabotaging beliefs of why you haven’t gone for your dreams yet



You will walk away with…

+ An actionable roadmap for the next 60 days

+ A milestone to accomplish for the next 12 months 

+ A brand new schedule that feels aligned 

+ My magical morning workbook - a guide on building a beautiful morning routine that sticks and kickstarts your day with confidence

+ Unlimited email access to me after the session, to serve you along the way if you have any questions 


All of this for just $188


These sessions run roughly 1-1/5 hours

You will need ...

+ A pen & notepad 

+ An attitude to succeed 

+ A willingness to honour self-sabotaging behaviours 

All courses, sessions & workbooks are non-refundable.




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