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Hey babe!

I'm Pia Rose the founder & creator of You Deserve You


I created this company to SERVE your soul, yes yours.

You Deserve You is here to help you resurface your

innate power & build the life of your dreams through

self-love & radical acceptance. 

We utilize easy pragmatic tools in our coaching, offer daily wisdom on Instagram & our newsletter, a weekly podcast and a badass youtube series helping you manifest your dream life!

It's all about your energy baby.

I truly believe we all have the power

to create the life of our dreams.

My name is Pia - Rose and I'm your self-love high priestess here on a mission to serve you some REAL advice on a golden platter.

Haven't you always dreamt of what life would look like if you had no self-doubt?

No self-sabotaging thoughts?

What would that look like?

What would you act like??

What dreams would you actually act upon if fear didn't rule your world??

These were the questions that drove me to create this company.

As women we have been kept down for thousands of years, deeply engrained societal beliefs run through our veins.

It breaks my heart to see women settle for things they think they deserve because of a lack of self-love.

Women who rise the fuck up and are living their most authentic life are the forefront of this new world. 

We have the ability to create magnificent change in this world by the ripples of us living our most authentic life.


And baby however that looks for you is damn beautiful. 


Self-love encompasses how we view ourselves, our identity, how we show up in this world and how we shine our light.

This journey is about stripping you back to the love within, the love you were born with, the love that's always been there. 


You have, are and always will be pure LOVE.

I lived in victimhood most of my life, not seeing my worth, devaluing myself constantly through bad relationships, substance abuse, eating disorders. All to escape the fact that I didn’t know how to live my most authentic life. It was more comfortable to stay there than reach for something I had no fucking idea how to achieve.

Over the years my soul was drawn to different studies and experiences through which I slowly stripped away my limiting beliefs and integrated what I now call my freedom through self-love practice.

It wasn’t easy, but what great thing is?


If you are drawn to this work and are ready to dive DEEP. 

Let’s have a chat on how we can get you from stress to inner success.



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My self-love journey really began about ten years ago, I was over being trapped by my own thoughts.  

 Randomly I was guided to watch the secret ( we now know nothing is a coincidence ) I always knew that magic existed but never had any tangible evidence to explain what it was. 

Finally it all clicked.

 I had practised my own form of magic through my youth by being aware of my languaging. I used to tell myself “money is easy to get” “I always have money”  and guess what I did, because I believed it. 

Now my family did not have money, we had what we needed and that was it. So for me to be able to call in money was huge. 

I look back on those years and see that I was shifting my energy in certain areas, attracting things like famous friends, tons of money, travel & adventure, touring ( I worked in the music industry )  but throughout it all I was still very lost emotionally. 

From a young age I suffered from self hate & unworthiness I had no idea how to show up in the world. Which later manifested as drug abuse, eating disorders and a multitude of abusive relationships  all the while battling anxiety & depression.

I hid from childhood wounds, scared to face why this was happening. 

Over the years I found ways to move  beyond these seemingly stuck traits, 


I am here to show you it doesn’t have to take a lifetime to create change, in a few short months your life can radically uplevel.

  The question is are you ready?

Helping women to show up in this world means so much to me, why?

By you showing up as your full authentic self you uplevel the people around you, your communities and in turn, the world. Badass babes like you will radically change this world. 

You deserve to be abundant and live from love because I know that the more you help yourself you help others. 

We are the rebels of this self-love revolution 

I have a fun sassy lightheartedness that I think some coaches lack, I hope to help so that YOU have the tools to change your life, you won't ever be dependent on another human, you WILL ALWAYS be able to hold the space for yourself to heal. 


+ I live in the most stunning city in the world ( Vancouver) in a beautiful home with my partner.

+ Healed my relationships & let go of ones no longer serving me

+ My days are spent chatting with clients, creating and sipping tea.

+ I have the world's best friends, we drink wine & binge-watch friends, oh and we laugh like a lot.

+ I've travelled the world and do trips whenever my soul is called to.

+ My creativity is thriving. 

+ I manifested an aligned & beautiful partnership.

+ I'm a simple gal that just wants to live my most abundant life while helping women thrive.

 You can build your dream life too, that's what I'm here for boo.




—  Name, Title

Want to work with me ?

Let's build your dream life babe!


media bio

a journey of self-love...

You Deserve You launched out of a passion to help women uncover their innate powers, through self-love education/coaching & a hint of magic.

YDY offers simply radical tools to transform your life FAST.

"Simplicity has always been a core value of mine" -Pia Rose 

After a long stint in the music industry, Founder Pia Rose pursued her passion for self-development & empowering women.

She began her journey through reiki and became a certified master, followed by getting her certification in life coaching,

You Deserve You offers coaching, courses, workshops & a podcast.

Our goal is to empower young women to live the life of their dreams. 

" It all starts with you."

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